The Eighth Edition (Units 1 & 2, Queensland Legal Studies 2019 Syllabus) of Legal Studies for Queensland Volume 1 and Eighth Edition (Units 3 & 4,) of Legal Studies for Queensland Volume 2 consist of a 2 book series, available in hard copy and for electronic use, written specifically for teachers and students of the subject of Queensland Senior Legal Studies.  



UNITS 1 & 2 Topics:

UNIT 1: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

  • Topic 1: Legal Foundations

  • Topic 2: Criminal Investigation Process

  • Topic 3: Criminal Trial Process

  • Topic 4: Punishment and Sentencing

Unit 2: Balance of Probabilities

  • Topic 1: Civil Law Foundations

  • Topic 2: Contractual obligations

  • Topic 3: Negligence and the Duty of Care

Units 3 & 4 Topics:

UNIT 3: Law, Governance and Change

  • Topic 1: Governance in Australia

  • Topic 2: Law Reform within a Dynamic Society

Unit 4: Human Rights in Legal Contexts

  • Topic 1: Human Rights

  • Topic 2: The Effectiveness of International Law

  • Topic 3: Human Rights in Australian Contexts

Distinctive Features:

These editions of the Legal Studies for Queensland complete teaching package continue to be the popular and compelling choice for legal educators who know the value of:

  • Inquiry - A new extended activity used throughout the book to assist students in developing the inquiry-based learning approach recommended by the Queensland Legal Studies 2019 General Syllabus, based on the Syllabus’ new objectives of comprehending legal concepts, principals and processes; selecting legal information from sources; analysing legal issues, evaluating legal situations; and creating responses that communicate meaning.

  • Clear, comprehensive, up-to-date and engaging explanation of the law in Queensland and Australia (Queensland Legal Studies 2019 General Syllabus), enhanced by new Link icons in the margins which provide an excellent means of integrating different aspects of the law.

  • A wealth of practical activities - Inquiry, Case studies, Practical applications, Hypotheticals, Research, ‘What do you think?’ evaluation questions, ‘You be the Judge’, Hot topics and Review (each with a differently coloured background, together with a distinctive icon in the margin of the text, for ease of reference).

  • Questions specifically designed to logically develop students’ higher order skills of legal analysis and evaluation

  • An Essential Legal Studies Skills section – explanations and practical demonstrations of the important skills needed to successfully complete the Legal Studies course.

  • Teacher Solutions & Resources Manuals full of suggested responses to questions in the texts, supplementary stimulus materials and focus activities.

Who should read this book?

  • The legal accuracy and completeness of this new textbook will give Legal Studies teachers peace of mind, while Legal Studies students have many excellent opportunities to immerse themselves in the wide variety of experientially-based activities.

  • The books are also widely used as a textbook and reference by teachers and students in introductory legal courses in TAFE colleges and universities.

  • General readers seeking a topical, up-to-date and engaging discussion of the law in action.